Reasons to be Excited about Filing your Tax Return

I’d bet if we asked most of the people who have had their income tax returns prepared by the Tax AID program at DABC, they wouldn’t say they were excited or happy when they connected with us to have their taxes done.  If you’re receiving PWD or PPMB assistance, it’s understandable that filing years of income tax returns can feel like just another way for government to peek into your life and pounce on you if you have made a mistake.   For many people this fear has led them to ignore their tax returns for years.  Well, fear no more!  For most people living in BC and receiving PWD or PPMB benefits (even if they have other sources of income), we can help!  We can file up to 10 years of simple income tax returns and believe it or not, this can be a rewarding and liberating experience!

Our clients frequently tell us that filing their income tax returns has lifted a huge weight of stress off their shoulders.  It means that they have extra cash to help take care of debt that was weighing on them, cover much needed expenses, and that they can cross one big item off their to-do list.

If numbers are the subject of your worst nightmares, you can pass them on to us.  If you are overcome by newfound courage once you’re caught up on your tax returns, we can point you to resources to help you do your own taxes next year.  We can also point you towards resources you may not even know were available, like the Disability Tax Credit which may help off-set taxes you owe or paid previously and which is required in order to open a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP).  If you do owe taxes from earlier years, your refund could help you pay off this debt and we may be able to suggest how to stop the interest and penalties on what you owe. For most of our clients, they won’t owe money on their tax returns and they will be getting up to 10 years of GST/HST payments, BC Low Income Carbon Tax Credits and basic refund amounts.  This usually results in more than $500 per tax year returned to the client which in turn means thousands of dollars for people getting caught up on multiple years.

I always enjoy meeting new clients and am happy to help them conquer their fear of taxes and government forms.  This year I want to connect with people all over our beautiful province.  I learn something from every client I have the opportunity to help.  Your stories matter, and most importantly, you matter.  It is our pleasure to help you get the benefits of filing your income tax returns!


Tax Advocate, Tax AID program, Disability Alliance BC

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