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Shawn received help from Tax AID to get caught up on multiple years of income tax filing during the first year of the Tax AID program. He used the initial money from his tax return to buy a truck, which helped him move out of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to better housing. In subsequent years he has come back to Tax AID for assistance keeping up to date on his income taxes. He reports that he has been doing very well since getting help from the Tax AID program and that the supports he received through Tax AID were instrumental in helping him achieve more stability.


Freya sustained a traumatic brain injury and is managing diabetes. She is also a single parent to an energetic toddler. Freya had not filed her taxes since her child was born, so she was not benefitting from the Canada Child Benefit and other tax benefits. Tax Aid staff filed two years of taxes for Freya and she and her child are expecting over $16,200.00 in tax benefits.


Jonny is a young man whose disability affects his memory and cognition. As a young man in his 20’s, he is very reliant on his family members for financial support. He needed to file several years of taxes to prove that he met the income requirements for disability support programs and resources. Tax Aid staff prepared and filed three years of taxes for him. In addition to being able to prove financial eligibility for programs that will increase his independence, Jonny received $3,100.00 in tax-related benefits.