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Haven’t Filed Your Taxes for Years?
Don’t Worry, We Can Help!

Since 2015, advocates with Tax AID DABC have been providing free tax filing support to British Columbians with disabilities. This work has helped hundreds of people with disabilities from around the province to access additional income and benefits. The benefits of income tax filing are not insubstantial and even people living on low or modest incomes generally receive $400-$500 each year they file their taxes from benefits like the GST Credit, BC Sales Tax Credit, and BC Climate Action Tax Credit.

In 2018, DABC’s Tax AID program expanded to include three other organizations across BC. The Together Against Poverty Society (TAPS) provides services through the Tax AID TAPS on Vancouver Island; the Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society provides services through Tax AID Ki-Low-Na in the Interior; and the Active Support Against Poverty Society (ASAP) provides services in the North through Tax AID ASAP. Disability Alliance BC continues to provide services as Tax AID DABC in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. In addition to providing direct income tax filing services, Tax AID advocates are also available to hold workshops and community information sessions about income tax filing and related topics in communities around BC.

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Thanks to these partnerships, Tax AID has provincial reach and is able to provide effective service in communities around BC. A particular focus of our program continues to be helping people receiving disability benefits to get caught up on multiple years of unfiled income taxes. For these people, the benefits of the Tax AID program are often greatest as they generally qualify to receive money for each year they have not filed. As many of our clients live on incomes between $750 and $1,500 per month, receiving a few thousand dollars in back taxes can have a significant impact on their overall financial wellness.

For questions about the Tax AID program please email taxaid@disabilityalliancebc.org.

Our sincere thanks to the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction for funding Tax AID DABC, and thank you to the Vancouver Foundation for the program’s initial funding.