New Beginnings-Clearing Tax Filing Off Your “To-Do” List!

September is just around the corner and that means a change in seasons and new priorities.  Remember when you were a student?  September likely brings to mind a new year with new challenges and new possibilities.  For some of us, September was an exciting chance to have a fresh start.  For others, it meant looming unknowns that provoked a sense of dread!  No matter who you are, a change in seasons can bring to mind the time to declutter and start fresh. 

Do you want to wrap up your summer with a big item checked of your “To-Do” list, and possibly a bit of extra cash?  If so, Tax AID DABC may be able to help.

Tax AID DABC can help people who have Person with a Disabilities (PWD) designation, or Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers to Employment (PPMB) designation, to get caught up on filing simple tax returns, no matter where in BC they live.  Currently we can help file tax returns for any or all of 2008-2017, and we can often help even if you have other income such as pension income or employment income.   

A single person whose only income is PWD is often entitled to between $300.00-$550.00 per year in tax benefits, including GST, PST refunds and the BC Low Income Climate Action Tax Credit. People with children may qualify for additional amounts, such as the Canada Child Benefit. Any assistance provided by Tax AID DABC is free, no matter how much a person gets back on their tax returns.

We have tax advocates in Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, and Prince George who can help you in person.  If you live outside these communities please contact us to request remote assistance.

Why file now?

  • Demand for assistance is lower than it is around tax time, which means you’ll get tax help faster
  • You’re missing out on GST payments!  If you file your taxes in September, your return may be processed in time for you to get both July and October GST payments in October.  (if you are otherwise eligible for GST, you can still get it going back as far as 2008)
  • It will be much easier and less stressful to file your 2018 taxes before the deadline in the spring.
  • Extra cash in time for the holidays, especially if you have multiple years of tax returns to file.

If you need tax help and want to get off to a fresh start in the fall, contact Tax AID DABC to see if we can help. 

  • In Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley, Contact: Tax Aid, Disability Alliance BC, located in Vancouver. Phone: (604) 872-1278, Toll Free: 1-800-663-1278 or email: 
  • On Vancouver Island contact Together Against Poverty Society, located in Victoria.  Phone: (250) 361-3521 or email:
  • In the Interior contact Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society, located in Kelowna. Phone: (250) 763-4950 or email:
  • In Northern BC contact Active Support Against Poverty Society, located in Prince George. Phone: (250) 563-6112, Toll Free: 1-877-563-6122 or email:


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