On PWD or PPMB benefits? Want help filing your 2015 taxes for free?

Tax AID DABC is offering in-person tax clinics in at the DABC office (#204-456 West Broadway) in Vancouver where we will help you file your 2015 tax returns.

The clinic is for recipients of BC disability assistance (either PWD or PPMB benefits) who have simple income tax situations (no self-employment income, most or all income reported on T-slips).  When you come to the clinic bring your T5007 tax slips and any other slips with you.

Clinics will be offered the following days:

Wednesday, March 2

Wednesday, March 16

Wednesday, March 30

Wednesday, April 13

Please call Chloe Krause at 604-872-1278 or email taxaid@disabilityalliancebc.org with a number you can be reached at to request an appointment.

2 thoughts on “On PWD or PPMB benefits? Want help filing your 2015 taxes for free?”

  1. I have declared bancruptcy last dec. And am now on disability but need to do my taxes. the only way to contact me is via e-mail. I have all t4’s and can scan and send them to you. can you help? or should i go to the bancruptcy guys?

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