Welcome to Tax AID DABC!

We are very excited to be launching the website for Tax AID DABC.  This new program, funded by the Vancouver Foundation, is going to be a valuable resource for people across British Columbia who receive the Persons with Disabilities benefit (PWD) or Persons with Persistent and Multiple Barriers to Employment benefit (PPMB) and who want to get caught up to date on their income taxes.  We hope the website will help you to learn a bit more about our program, provide some valuable resources, and convince you that there are lots of great reasons to get caught up. If you are interested in learning about how we can assist you or just want to ask some questions, I hope you will not hesitate to get in touch.  Our services are free and confidential, and we’re happy to be asked difficult questions.  There are lots of ways to contact us which you’ll find on the contacts page.  We have prepared a brochure and a poster to help spread the word about this new service.  If you want to take a look at them, you’ll find them in electronic format on our resources page. You can also help us spread the word by using the hashtag #TaxAidDABC on social media. Thanks so much for your interest in Tax AID DABC, and remember, taxes don’t have to be taxing!

Tax season 2015: The disability tax credit and the push for fee limits

This article from the CBC last March discusses many important issues surrounding the Disability Tax Credit (DTC).  The beginning of the article makes the current application process sound a bit scarier than it actually is.  Other issues addressed in the article are very important to know about if you are thinking about applying for the DTC.

The discussion about “predatory practices” among for-profit consultants who assist with applying for the DTC is particularly important.  It’s a good idea to understand whether or not you will be charged a fee for getting help applying for the DTC.  Many for-profit organizations will not charge you upfront but will ask for a significant percentage of any money you qualify for by getting the DTC.  Some non-profit and charitable organizations can do this for free so it’s a good idea to shop around when you are looking for help.